When her grandfather dies big-city girl Fanny is unexpectedly named heir to a large country estate in a church-going community in the western part of Sweden. When she and her friend Zac, astride a giant Harley Davidson motorbike, zoom through the peaceful summer landscape on their way to the village, she doesn’t realise that she will become the catalyst of hidden conflicts within the community. Many of the villagers are hostile, having to face people and attitudes they have never met before. Their attitude triggers Fanny not to sell the estate to the ever eager Axel and to keep it herself.

“House of Angels” is a film about suspicions and bigotry – but also about love, friendship and understanding.

PRODUCTION FACTSOriginal Title: Änglagård
Production Year: 1992
First Release: 1992
Duration: 2 h 6 min
Director: Colin Nutley
Production: Memfis Film & Television in co-operation with SVT/TV2 Göteborg, Svenska Filminstitutet, Danmarks Radio, Norsk Ringkringkastning and Nordisk Film & TV fond

Producer: Lars Jonsson
Cast: Helena Bergström, Rikard Wolff, Sven Wollter, Ernst Günther, Reine Brynolfsson, Viveka Seldahl, Per Oscarsson, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Peter Andersson, Jan Mybrand, Jakob Eklund, Tord Peterson, Görel Crona, Gabriella Boris, Johannes Brost
Script: Colin Nutley
Editor: Perry Schaffer
Director of Photography: Jens Fischer fsf


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