In a business still driven by men we look into the hopes and fears, the emotion and insecurity, of ten actresses during one day of their busy life – they are loving but competitive. On this day one of them expects to be given the part of Queen Christina, in an American re-make of the Garbo classic – a break that would be the chance of a lifetime.

It’s a very fine line between the reality of life and the dreams actors are expected to live to allow us, the audience, to sit in the cinema or a theatre and in turn, dream ourselves. What is private and what is public – where does one world stop and the other begin?

24 hours is not a long time but long enough to look into the chaos of life.

Original Title: Gossip
Production Year: 2000
First Release: October 2000
Duration: 2h 9min
Director: Colin Nutley
Production: Sweetwater AB in co-production with AB Svensk Filmindustri, SVT Fiktion/Drama, Nordisk Film & TV-fond with support from Svenska Filminstitutet, Lena Hansson-Varhegy
Producer: Colin Nutley.
Cast: Pernilla August, Helena Bergström, Lena Endre, Stina Ekblad, Ewa Fröling, Margaretha Krook, Marika Lagercrantz, Suzanne Reuter, Marie Richardson, Gunilla Röör, Harriet Andersson
Script: Colin Nutley
Editor: Perry Schaffer
Director of Photography: Jens Fischer fsf


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