Having been a celebrated rock star in the 80’s, fame has slipped away from Angelica “Angel” Holst. Now the time has come to step back into the limelight – but in order to get there you have to create a media hype…

What is Angel willing to go through and what prize is she prepared to pay to get to the top again?

Original Title: Angel
Production Year: 2008
First Release: 2008
Duration: 1h 45min
Director: Colin Nutley
Production: Sweetwater Filmrights II, AB Svensk Filmindustri, TV4, Cinema Art Productions, Succéfilm AB, Jens Fischer Film AB in association with Break Even, with support from Svenska Filminstitutet, Lisa Ohlin
Producer: Colin Nutley
Cast: Helena Bergström, Rolf Lassgård, Elisabet Carlsson, Rikard Wolff, Johan Rabaeus, Peter Gardiner
Script: Colin Nutley, Michael Baker
Editor: Perry Schaffer
Director of Photography: Jens Fischer fsf


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